Views of the Academy

Congratulations for today's Dodgeball, your children were impeccably behaved and sporting as always.
Craig Dobbs, Oasis Wintringham 

Thank you so much for inviting us into school over the last two days, the children were fantastic and seemed very engaged with what we offered. Phil, Kerry and I all commented how well behaved the children were and it was a real pleasure to teach them.
Simon Smith, Managing Director - Zakon Training Ltd

Would just like to say a huge thank you to the school and everyone who contributes to my sons learning experience. I am just delighted with the school and his teachers he is thriving and it is just lovely to see. It makes me realise how unhappy he was at his other school and gives me 100% confidence that I made the right choice to move him to Wybers. 
Mum of (ZT) Grasshoppers, EYFS

During my day at Wybers Wood, the children were happy and polite as they made their way around school. During the learning walk around school during the morning lessons, it was extremely pleasing to see the children engrossed in their learning. The Key Stage 1 provision areas clearly demonstrate that the teachers are passionate about making coming to school a magical experience for the children.  The displays around school are simply inspirational. This school must be an exciting place for children to learn! I struggle to recall visiting a school and being welcomed into such a vibrant and warm learning environment.An absolute pleasure to visit!
Jonny Davies, Teacher and Literacy consultant at LMYL 

On behalf of the group, I would like to convey our gratitude to all the staff and pupils for the excellent behaviour of the pupils.  I take pride in saying, Wybers Academy is one of the best, so thank you all.
Derrick C Haughton, NELBDG Secretary & Coach

Just want to say ”very many thanks”  to you for setting-up and organising such an excellent day for meat Wybers Wood school. All the sessions seemed to go well,& I thought the children were most responsive and enthusiastic.A great day!        And what a book sale/signing session after school!Amazing!
Best wishes to all...........................Wes  (Magee) Author

I saw pupils of your school walking with 4 or 5 staff members on 14th April 2016.  I had to write this letter to tell you that the pupils behaviour was absolutely outstanding!  They were all walking in a sensible manner.  The staff also did a fantastic job at safeguarding the children and they were very professional.
Mrs Woodley

Children's Views

Why do the children enjoy school at Wybers Wood Academy?

“I like the Key Values.  They mean the school looks after you well.” (Year 6)

“They deal with things well and keep you safe.” (Year 6)

“We go on exciting school trips.” (Year 5)

“The teachers here are kind; you can talk to them.” (Year 5)

“If we find something hard, we can ask for help.  My teacher will then let me work in a group where we can all get the help we need or we sometimes stay behind to have things explained.” (Year 5)

“I like the way we do homework now; it’s fun!” (Year 3)

“I know if I tell a teacher I’ve got a problem they will sort it out.” (Year 3)

“We do lots of PE and sports, much more than I did at my last school.” (Year 6)

“I like playing outside.” (EYFS)

“I was doing some beautiful singing and I got some stickers.” (EYFS)

“I go to Yoga club; I like it.” (EYFS)

“Because we have good friends.” (Year 2)

“Because we always go for gold and try our best.” (Year 2)

“Everyone has fun.” (Year 2)

“People here are very kind and respectful.” (Year 2)

“I like the new iBoard Touch Screens.” (Year 2)

“It’s a helpful school.” (Year 1)

“We all share and we’re kind to each other.” (Year 1)

“Everyone is helpful.” (Year 1)

Parent's Feedback on Covid Response and Return to School

'A big thank top you everyone today. As a parent, I was really happy and felt reassured that Sienna would be safet at school. She told me she had a very happy time and loved eating her lunch outside.'

'A thank to you and all your staff today for making it very easy and organised. My daughter was anxious to the point that we had tears on the way but she has had a lovely day and is no longer feeling anxious.'

'Just a massive thank you to all of the staff at Wybers today. Ethan returned for the first time since the closure and we were both a little nervous. However, the welcome back on the path, written in chalk was fab and made us smile! Ethan loved all the arrows on the floor that show us the way, he said it was like going on a treausre hunt. There have been lots of postive posts on social media from key workers, whose children returned today, all saying how well organised and lovely it has been.'

'I cant thank you enough for all the excellent preparations that have been made for the children so they can return to school safely. The big smile that greeted us when we collected her at the end of the day confirmed your success. She's had a wonderful day. She has been so happy in the company of friends and teachers.'

'I just wanted to email through to thank you all for being so proactive and really involving parents, as best you can despite these strange times. The newsletters and virtual meet the teacher meetings are brilliant and all the new creative ways you are working are really appreciated. You are all doing wonderfully, so thank you!'