Clifton Class

Welcome to Clifton Class' Page 


We are so proud of how Clifton class have worked this term! Take a look at all the amazing learning we have been doing!


Clifton class have been developing their amazing writing skills this term! We started the term looking at instruction writing: Brushing our teeth – Making a Jam Sandwich to baking Viking Bread. We learnt about bossy imperative verbs, command sentences and time connectives to make our instructions the best it could be!

We have also be retelling the Legend story about Grim and Havelok. Do you know why Grimsby is called Grimsby or why Havelock is a popular name for places in Grimsby? Take a look at our super writing to find out!


This term, we started our new class book, Traction Man is Here! We thought of some new adventures for Traction Man and created some new speech lines for the characters. Look at the work Clifton class have come up with!


In maths we have been developing and understanding different strategies to help us all work out how to multiply and divide.

WE have also continued to complete our mental maths Friday quizzes- and wow our results are improving every week!

Last week, we started to look at statistics and understand how to represent and count using a tally and pictograms. We have had great fun counting different vehicles and animals passing past our houses.


The children have blown me away with their enthusiasm for learning about the Vikings. As a class we found out:

Who the Vikings were.

Why and how did the Viking leave their homelands.

What it was like to be a Viking warrior.

The different job roles of Vikings and how they were similar to today.

We have also started to learn about weaving – I wonder what we will be making!