Donovan Class

Welcome to Donovan Class

We are in Year 4 and named after the famous Grimsbarian news presenter, reporter and journalist Keeley Donovan! This is us! 

Our topic this term is.... The Ancient Greeks!

Home Learning

Donovan have turned up in style to Home Learning like a Viking to battle and have been absolutely smashing it! 

We have found a thousand different ways to make learning fun and stay engaged with our curriculum! One of the crazy things we've used to keep us on our toes is 'SPIN THAT WHEEL!', where we have lots of fun activities to do during our lessons such as Act like Spiderman, Go and Get ___, Burpees and lots of other fun things. Not only that we have had lots of different theme days to dress up like a Rockstar, Heroes, Fancy dress and loads more and we pretend we are something else!

We have a brand new topic to explore this term: Ancient Greece! It has been amazing to learn about their creation story and all the different Gods. After learning about the Gods, we went on to look at lots of different myths about the Gods and examine how they affected the lives of people in Ancient Greece. The Greeks were famous for their fabulous art and we have had a go at recreating it with our own Greek Vases! One of the most famous parts of Ancient Greece is the story about the Trojan Horse, we have learnt all about the story and how Prince Paris of Troy stole Helen from her husband Menalaus the King of Sparta and brother of the King of Greece Agmemnon as well as the deaths of Hector and Achilles!

Carrying on from our work with Vikings last term, we have been looking at the book How to Train Your Dragon! We have done lots of fun work looking at the different characters and dragons and really sunk our teeth into it! In Maths, we have carried on destroying TTRockstars whilst looking at Multiplication and Division, before moving onto Area and Fractions! Even though we are in lockdown we are still making sure we are doing lots of exercise with our P.E challenges and doing lots of fun wellbeing tasks at home!