Donovan Class

Welcome to Donovan Class

We are in Year 4 and named after the famous Grimsbarian news presenter, reporter and journalist Keeley Donovan! This is us! 

Our topic this term is.... The Vikings!


In reading this term we have been studying the book - The Iron Man. We have used our retrieval, inference and summarising skills to act parts out!


We are currently practising our 4 operations and putting them into real life situations!

Our timestables are unbelievable! We practise them in TT Rockstars everday!


In Writing, we have been writing about our topic - The Vikings. First, we wrote a mythological tale about the Viking Gods and now we have moved onto writing a diary entry from a Saxon monk who witnessed the Viking raid on Lindisfarne.


In Computing, we've been coding, looking how we can make things move on computer programmes. Our next stop is spreadsheets!


We absolutely love P.E! You wouldn't believe how much we have done already! We had played lots of fun games like Capture the Flag and Saxons and Vikings, explored movement in gymnastics, pushed ourselves to the limit in X country and circuit training. At the moment, we are looking at invasion games, fitness and some indoor athletics, so lots of jumping, throwing and running!


Seeing as our topic this year is the Vikings, we have done lots of work on our local history. We have looked at our own history in Grimsby with the story of Havelock Lay of the Dane and Grim, as well as identifying Viking settlements in the local area and how they got here on their longboats. We spent a lot of time in Art trying to recreate things that the Vikings were interested in. Now we are moving on to Sculptures, in paticular George Segal's, so expect to see lots of white statues in the area very soon!


In our Charanga lessons this term, we have been looking at the music of Abba and learning about the pulse and beat. We love performing Mama Mia, check out our twitter to see some videos!


In our thrive time we take part in lots of different calming activities and try to reflect on ourselves.


In our Jigaw lessons we are looking at differences in people. Celebrating how everyone is unique and different but equal!

Home Learning

Our home learning has been incredible, we have had so many wonderful pieces of work done at home, it's been amazing to see! As well as this, we have lots of talented children who proudly share their achievements in school!