George Class


During the first part of this term we worked on our fitness with X-Country and our balances in Gymnastics!

In the second part of this term, we have been working on our attack v defence skills through invasion games like Handball and Capture the Flag.

House Captains and School Council

We picked our House Captains and School Councillors for this year! Chose by the children for the children!


In Maths we have been working on the Four Operations, Fractions and practising our Arithmetic skills!


We have been reading Black Powder in lessons and have been taking a deeper look at the 1600s, the Tudor and Stuart period and the battle between Catholics and Protestants.


In writing we have been looking at balanced arguments, including: should  football be banned at play time? Should children complete homework? And should children have chocolate for breakfast.


We are currently writing an exciting adventure story relating to our class book, Black Powder!!


In Science we have been taking a look at the human anatomy and how our body works! We even made our own blood!!


In music we have been learning to play the Ukulele!! We have some very talented musicians! 


In our Theme lessons we have been researching life during the Tudor and Stuart Period. We have also started to research the life of Ernest Shackleton and his journey around Antarctica! In Art we have started to look at George Edward Marston and his portrayals of Antarctica

Home learning hasn’t stopped 6 George from getting to grips with I.C.T. Over the course of the week they have been getting used to working on tablets instead of pencil and paper. They face challenges where they were instructed to annotate work, create posters and even use a sending system to hand in work. Before home learning we were working hard in I.C.T with our coding skills, we managed to successfully code a game called ‘Flappy Bird’ and managed to code animated characters into dancing!