Griffiths Class

During remote learning, we have started our new topic of 'Battling for Change'. This topic is based around the events of World War 2 and as a class we are really enjoying learning all about this! In our reading sessions, we have been reading 'The Boy in the Striped Pyjamas', exploring the new characters and how we can link this story to our prior knowledge of WW2. We have been reading some non-fiction texts about Auschwitz survivors, retrieving, and recording information from these texts to support us in our writing. In Writing, we have been focussing on writing a diary entry (Recount). First, we wrote one from the perspective of Bruno (the main character from the book we are reading) and know in the perspective of a Holocaust survivor. Some of our ideas and emotive language have been amazing! We can't wait to finish them and share them with everyone. In History, we have delved into how and why WW2 started by creating timelines, documentaries, and news reports on this. While in Maths we have covered a range of subjects already including decimals, percentages, metric measures and have now begun algebra. Throughout the lockdown, we are being given time and encouraged to access a range of online resources such as Lexia, TTRS, Reading Plus and PurpleMash. In Computing, we have been learning how to be safe online and have a pop quiz coming up next week to see what we have learnt! During PE this term, we have focussed on being active, tackling and agility so that when we come back in the future, we can use these skills in games. Finally, well-being has been majorly important for us this term and every Wednesday we have wellness Wednesday. We are being given the freedom to do whatever makes us happy as long as it is away from the screens! We have done lots of things such as: mindfulness karate, making our own board games, going on muddy walks, making mug cakes and creating lego masterpieces.