John Hurt Class

Our Christmas fair was very exciting! The children really enjoyed themselves and were very patient and kind. Thank you for your support.

John Hurt Class really enjoyed their first Empiribox experiment all about soils!

Hunting and gathering in the Stone Age – we found hunting tricky and gathering much easier!

We made our own poppies while learning about remembrance.

John Hurt class really enjoyed their hook lesson into the Stone Age. They sat in caves in the dark and discovered what it felt like to be a caveman. They also made some cave art by only torchlight!

We have been doing some active maths – counting in 50s and jumping at the same time! We also did squats and counting in 100s.

John Hurt class have been enjoying using the reading corner and looking at some of the top 30 books for Y3. They have been telling me about books they have bought to read because they enjoyed the beginning in our reading sessions. Keep on reading Y3 – Well done!