John Hurt Class

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Despite the restrictions on schools, John Hurt class have had a really positive start to the year.

In our theme work, we have been learning about lighthouses and have created some fabulous work about this. We have done some artwork using a range of mediums such as watercolours and clothes.

We have done a lot of science work – a recap on basic forces, some work on materials to make boats and a lot of work about animals including humans.

We have been enjoying doing mindful activities too, painting, colouring, Go Noodle and family time to name just a few. We are also looking forward to making our own lighthouses out of different materials for some DT work.

The children have been working really hard on Lexia and are moving up levels at a great rate. We have also having a really big push on TT Rockstars and are hoping some children might get a badge before the end of the year!

Well done John Hurt class and keep it up!