Wybers Wood - Year 4 Dodgeball Champions!

On Tuesday 28th January, the Wybers WoodYear 4 Dodgeball team competed in the local area championship. Three teams were chosen to represent our school, an A, B and C team. Although the A Team was made up of more experienced representatives, the B and C team was comprised of a lot of children who were representing the school for the first time having displayed impressive behaviour, sporting attitude and a desire to compete.

On Tuesday

Wybers B team were up first and had a very tough group, luckily they had Lucas leading the way catching anything that came his way. In their first match, they edged a 2-1 thanks to some excellent dodging from Aaliyah, Olivia, Maisie and Lily who kept them in some very close games. Onto match 2, yet another close one – this time it was the boys who helped snatch victory – with Henry, Myles and Finley dealing out some monster throws to their opponents. For the last game in the group they faced Cloverfields’ A – who had looked very formidable in their opening two games. Unfortunately Cloverfields’ were too strong for the B team, who finished 3rd in their group with 2 wins and 1 loss meaning they would not progress to the knockout stages. 

What a day for the C team! For the C Team this was their first time representing the school – but you wouldn’t know it! They displayed fantastic attitudes and played some amazing dodgeball.

After suffering an early defeat in their first match, they showed great resilience in their next two matches, learning quickly what was required of them. With a quick recap on tactics and game management the C team came out stronger than ever managing to win their second game. The girls performed brilliantly, Sophia and Bluebell kept calm and helped guide the team through what they had to do. Rhys’ and Jaycob’s throws had massively improved and were near impossible to catch with Rhys even catching a ball between his legs.

With the pressure on in the last game, knowing only a win would give them a chance to get to the knockouts, the C Team delivered. Honey-May and Leyla-Mae dodged, ducked and dived to ensure they stayed in- Honey even played without her glasses which made not getting hit an even more impressive feat. Sonny and Harley were unstoppable catching cannon balls that were flying at them and sending them back just as fast.

Thanks to two amazing performances, the C Team surpassed their own expectations and reach the quarter finals with 2 wins and 1 defeat. Unfortunately, they faced Cloverfields’ A and were just too strong for our C Team, who bowed out with pride,

Now for the A Team -, who were aptly named as they had every weapon imaginable in their arsenal. They worked like a well-oiled machine – every member of the team knew their job and carried out to near perfection.

In their first match, after a slight settling in period they were on their way with Luke and Leyton unleashing rockets onto the opposition. Ella and Elsie-Jay used their trademark speed and agility to give us possession of the ball and to evade all missiles aimed their way.

Knowing another victory was necessary to ensure they made the knockout stages, the A Team took no prisoners. This time it was the girls who stepped up with Ella, Elsie-Jay and Daisy throwing the ball with great power and coming forward to pull off some brave catches – making sure they’d be in the quarter-finals.

In the quarter finals – they faced Elliston, who gave the A Team their first fright of the tournament taking the first game in their match. However, thanks to Freddie plucking the ball out of thin air on numerous occasions and the rockets that Flynn was throwing, they managed to get a 2-1 win.

Things were starting to heat up, it was time to face Cloverfields’ B in the semi-finals and after seeing their A Team, we knew that this was going to be another hard one. But our A Team didn’t back down from the challenge and after going one game down by a small margin, again they came back fighting. With some ruthless gameplay from the Luke and Leyton, who picked off their opponents one by one, they clawed their way back into the match winning the second by a whitewash. Knowing anything but a loss would see them through, the A Team showed their true colours. An emphatic win put the tie to bed with Flynn yet again seamlessly hitting his targets and Super Ella Cooper catching balls which even James McKeown would struggle with!

The A Team had reached the final! Now here was the problem- they had to face Cloverfields’ A who had beaten our B and C teams. With all eyes on the final, Wybers A stepped onto the court to a roar of cheers from their teammates in the B and C team, hoping they would gain revenge. 

Cloverfields’ A started off the brightest narrowly winning the first game, thanks to some good throwing and some unfortunate dropped balls from Wybers. After a quick regroup and team talk, Wybers realigned their strategy as Cloverfields’ who were very similar to Wybers had some very strong throwers, As it was near impossible to catch their throws – Wybers decided that in order to win the game they must not attempt to catch the throws and to make sure to target their throwers. And in the next game… that is exactly what they did, Luke, Leyton and Flynn were unbelievable, launching balls, left, right and centre to open up a commanding lead going to the last game of the match. Anything but a loss would ensure the trophy came back to Wybers Wood – but Wybers wanted to win in style. Fighting for every ball in the last game of the tournament, Wybers showed what they were all about. With a great display of athleticism, power, teamwork and game management, they earned one final victory – ensuring that Wybers Wood were once again Year 4 Dodgeball Champions!

It was a very proud moment for all involved when the A Team received their medals and our captain Flynn received the trophy.

Although, it was a very proud moment and great accomplishment winning, the greatest achievement for the Year 4 team was how they represented our school. Throughout every game, each team was cheered on by everyone else, supporting and encouraging each other.

Members of staff from other schools and the young leaders from Havelock approached our staff and commented about the ethos in which Wybers played the game – they were honest, respectful and friendly to all those they played. They were impressed with the way that all the Wybers teams competed - everyone knew their jobs and played fairly to the rules, helped each and had such a positive mind-set, showing a real desire to win. The atmosphere Wybers brought to the competition was truly astounding.

 What a great day! Every child had a great time, representing their school and community proudly in both performance and behaviour.

The Year 4’s are really building on their winning mentality in competitive events and hopefully more silverware will be coming their way!