Science Teaching and Learning Strategy

Pupils at Wybers Wood Academy build scientific skills and knowledge over time so they become confident, knowledgeable scientists.

At Wybers Wood we aspire to provide opportunities for every child to become a scientist.

What is a Scientist?

· A questioner
· A tester
· A hypothesiser
· A theoriser

We believe that pupils should learn, wherever possible, through practical, hands on experiences. Pupils are guided to ask questions, test ideas, draw conclusions. They learn to use correct scientific terminology.

National Curriculum objectives underpin science teaching and learning. We make exciting science learning experiences using Delta’s Science Strategy. This is enhanced with a range of practical resources.

Delta’s Science Strategy is rich and diverse resource base. Its Science labs contain high quality resources for teachers to plan sequences of learning. Sequences of learning build on prior knowledge and skills. 

The Science Strategy is supplemented by a wealth of practical resources which helps bring science alive in the classroom. For example, pupils in Y4 learn about the digestive system by making intestines. Pupils in Y6 learn about electrical components by making a burglar alarm. Additionally, working scientifically objectives, built sequentially, runs through pupils’ learning experiences.

All staff have access to quality CPD to support the teaching of science. Trust wide network support ensures colleagues are well informed, well trained and confident in the teaching of science.