The trip of a lifetime!
On our first day it felt like we had been set free. We rambled down the muddy hill into the dripping wet forest. The wildlife and the water sang to us as we built amazing dens and shelters. After that, we worked as a team to build our confidence in each other by taking part in a blindfold adventure. Our group sang all the way back to the top of the hill whilst sheltering under a tarpaulin. On the evening, Miles (the brilliant storyteller) entertained us with lots of funny songs and stories.

On day two we woke up to a lovely bacon butty which was cooked by our magnificent Mrs Rouse. We kick started the day with a JLT meeting and then prepared for our photography competition. This was so much fun! After dinner, we set off on our journey to Greygarth Monument. This walk was fabulous, tiring and mesmerising. After tea (which was savoury and sweet pancakes because it was Shrove Tuesday) we sat around the campfire and sang some beautiful songs. We also toasted massive marshmallows over the dazzling dancing flames.

On our final morning, we enjoyed a lie in until Mr Ballantyne unexpectedly turned on the lights and shouted MORNING! After that, we sadly packed up our belongings and got ready to go home. We spent some of the morning reflecting on our incredible journey by looking through our photos and talking about our favourite memories. Before we headed home, we had one final visit to the church and sketched the vibrant stain glass windows.
Our trip to Dallowgill was incredible, unforgettable and helped us work effectively as a team.