5F have recently been honing their culinary skills in the kitchen when they made Chicken Stir-fry with noodles. The last time we had been cooking in the kitchen, we had learnt how to peel and chop vegetables correctly, and so this was a chance to demonstrate how proficient they were. It was also time to see who had been practising at home in the meantime! We were also learning how to stir fry in a hot pan. In teams of five, I gave them their raw vegetables which they had to peel and chop into bite size thin pieces, so they would cook evenly. The children did really well on this, and most even managed to keep their work area tidy too! A special mention must go here to Sonny Standland, who I think will become a chef in his future career! Then we took turns to come up as a team and cook the ingredients. Nearly all the class said they loved the smell and the taste and most bowls were empty by the end of the lesson. So, if you are stuck for a meal at home over the summer holidays, then have a rest while your Year 5 child cooks dinner for the family!